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In February of 2003, Google engineer Naga Sridhar got tired of regularly visiting Google News to check for developments in the imminent US war with Iraq. So he put together an application that would email him when a news story broke that matched a specified query. Naga demonstrated his prototype to co-founder Sergey Brin, who […]

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This page was last modified on: Tuesday March 13, 2007

News Search

After the tragedies of September 11, 2001, Krishna Bharat, a Google engineer, built a tool to crawl news sites and organize news into ranked clusters. Because of its popularity, Google expanded the demo into Google News.
Google News:

Presents information culled from thousands of news sources worldwide.
Updates entries continuously throughout the day.
Groups together related headlines and photos.
By […]

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This page was last modified on: Tuesday March 13, 2007

News Headlines

When Google finds current news relating to your query, Google includes up to three headlines that link to news stories above your search results. Why at most three? So as not to push the web search results off the page.
Of course, since news by definition reports recent events, you’ll see the most recent headlines about […]

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This page was last modified on: Tuesday March 13, 2007

Keeping Abreast of the News

Note: Nancy uses this page for presentations on her favorite Google features. You can find more information about these features in other sections of Google Guide.

I set up Google Alerts to send me email when news articles of interest to me appear on the web.

I’ve also set up Google Alert, a third-party service available at www.googlealert.com.

Google Alert is more flexible and returns more results than Google’s News Alerts.
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