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GoogleGuide … is the most comprehensive, well-organized, and useful search tutorial I’ve been able to find.


–Justin Keller, Marketing + Consumer Acquisition Manager, ChaCha.com, July 18, 2007



This site, which I found by accident, is wonderful. Thank you for creating it. I will be referring my students to your site as a resource to supplement our classroom […]

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More Search Tools

The last choice in the menu at the top-left corner of the Google window is more ▼. Holding your mouse over that word makes a menu drop down. (This only happens if JavaScript is enabled in your browser.)
You can choose one of the services on the drop-down menu. Or you can click on even more », at […]

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Google Product Search: Find Items for Sale

Google Product Search (formerly called Froogle) is a searchable and browsable shopping index tuned to finding products for sale online. Click on the Shopping link at the top left corner of Google’s window:

or visit www.google.com/products. Search results include price, brand, description, and, if available, a photograph. Note that unlike other online shopping services, Product Search […]

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Results Page

The results page is filled with information and links, most of which relate to your query.

Google Logo: Click on the Google logo to go to Google’s home page.

Statistics Bar: Describes your search, includes the number of results on the current results page and an estimate of the total number of results, as well as […]

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