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For the Press

You can find the history of Google Guide and information about Nancy Blachman, the author, on www.googleguide.com/history.html.
Need a photo or graphic for a news story, link, or ad? I’m pleased to offer several images. If you prefer a different format or size, please use our contact form.

Nancy Blachman with Google Guide

Nancy Blachman, Developer and author […]

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Why is Google Popular?

This page describes:

What makes Google great


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Google strives to make it easy to quickly find whatever you’re seeking, whether it’s a web page, a recent news story, a photograph, advice, or a present for a friend. Google Guide’s Cheat Sheet (www.googleguide.com/cheatsheet.html), Google Guide’s Advanced Operator Quick Reference (www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html) Google Guide’s Calculator Cheatsheet (www.googleguide.com/help/calculator.html) and Sacramento State’s Google QuikRef (available from www.csus.edu/uccs/documents/quikrefsite/PDFs/googleqr.pdf […]

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Note: As of late 2006, Google Answers isn’t accepting new questions. You can still browse and search existing questions and answers. A similar service, Yahoo! Answers, is available at answers.yahoo.com.
Unlike Google Answers, the Yahoo! service is free of charge. Questions are answered by unpaid volunteers who may not have any qualifications or experience.

Having trouble creating […]

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Google Product Search: Find Items for Sale

Google Product Search (formerly called Froogle) is a searchable and browsable shopping index tuned to finding products for sale online. Click on the Shopping link at the top left corner of Google’s window:

or visit www.google.com/products. Search results include price, brand, description, and, if available, a photograph. Note that unlike other online shopping services, Product Search […]

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News Search

After the tragedies of September 11, 2001, Krishna Bharat, a Google engineer, built a tool to crawl news sites and organize news into ranked clusters. Because of its popularity, Google expanded the demo into Google News.
Google News:

Presents information culled from thousands of news sources worldwide.
Updates entries continuously throughout the day.
Groups together related headlines and photos.
By […]

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Groups: Discussion Forums

Want advice, opinions, and recommendations that haven’t necessarily been edited?
Then consider using Google Groups, which provides access (posting and reading) to thousands of discussion forums — an enormous storehouse of discourse, including

Forums on practically everything from aviation to zymurgy (brewing beer)
Opinions, advice, and resource information, e.g.,

Opinions on laser eye surgery
Reviews for small OR compact digital […]

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Image Search

Looking for an image, map, graphic, photo, design or drawing? Try Google’s Image Search by clicking on the Images link above Google’s search box

or visiting images.google.com.

Enter your query and click on the Google Search button. Alternatively, enter your query and then click on the Images link above the search box. Google Image Search works best […]

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Shortcut: Street Maps

Want to find where something is or how to get there? Just enter an address into Google. You can also copy and paste addresses, even ones with embedded carriage returns, into Google’s search box. When Google recognizes your query as a location, the results page includes a map for that location.
Google Maps’ coverage of the […]

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As the web has spread across the world, more and more web pages are available in languages other than English. Google provides a translation link and language tools to enable you to read pages written in unfamiliar languages.
Google translates pages by computer. Machine translation is difficult to do well and tends not to be as […]

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