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Creation and Revision

First, I offer thanks to Jerry Peek for suggesting that I write a book about how to search with Google.

I revised this tutorial incorporating the valuable comments and suggestions from many people to whom I am grateful. They include: Rod Adams, Amit Agarwal, Abass Ahmady, Marian Bach, Joe Barker, Penny Barsimantov, Adam Baxter, Joel Biatch, Justin Carroll, Henry Cejtin, Marc de Groot, Jutta Dejener, Philip De Neef, Marie desJardins, Larry Engholm, Tim Farley, Stephen Ferguson, Philip Fire, Gordon Barg, Ahuva Gelblum, Wouter Gerritsma, Johann George, John Glenn, Anita Goldstein, Leora Gregory, Andrew Gumperz, Tim Helck, Tom Hill, Hank Hufnagel, Nancy Jamison, Richard Karpinski, Debra Kaufman, Shauna Kelly, Steve Klein, Stefani Lefebre, Doris Li, Jan Lindner, Dan Lyons, Liz Mabey, Chris Manning, Jane Manning, Sandy McNiven, Katie Miller, Robert Miller, Gwyn Firth Murray, Dave Nagle, Martha Newman, Steve Omohundro, Eric S. Pecoraro, Jerry Peek, Lisa Pons, Kurt Bernhard Pruenner, Abijah Reed, Hamish Reid, Sara Richards, Marlene Rozofsky Rogers, Bob Rosenberg, Kevin Rowe, Janet Sanford, Taly Sharon, Malcolm Slaney, Alex Sokolowski, Romke Soldaat, Stephan Spencer, Paul Spinrad, Brad Templeton, Matt Vance, Linda Walters, Rita Wespi, Dan Whittaker, and Hanna Yap.

I especially thank Tasha Bergson-Michelson of To The Point Research, Earl Crabb, Pauline Facciano, Thomas Galloway, Joy Li, H. Milton Peek, Naomi Pitcairn, Mark Seiden, and Google Answers researchers (most of whom I know by their handles) Angy-ga, Byrd-ga, Crabcakes-ga, Omnivorous-ga, Serenata-ga, Voila-ga, and Robert Skelton for providing a wealth of advice for making this tutorial more accurate and readable. I'm also very grateful to David desJardins, my husband, for suggesting topics to include, answering my questions, and reviewing early versions of this tutorial.

I thank Fritz Schneider and Eric Fredricksen, with whom I wrote How to Do Everything with Google, for providing me ideas of what to include in this tutorial. I’m also grateful to Matt Vance, author of www.minezone.org, for suggesting that I develop a Google Advanced Operator cheat sheet, to Hamish Reid for making Google Guide easier to navigate, and my father, Nelson Blachman, for asking questions that encouraged me to explore and learn more about how Google works and for reviewing numerous drafts. I thank Jerry Peek for joining me on this project.


This edition of Google Guide originally used the WordPress system. Stephan Spencer, president of NetConcepts, suggested moving Google Guide to WordPress. Stephan was generous with time and suggestions as we made the move. As time went on, Google Guide became so popular that its server was often overloaded, and WordPress required monitoring for frequent updates. We decided to convert the WordPress version to plain HTML pages. Jerry used tools like wget, and a number of other Unix/Linux utility programs, to do the conversion. The formerly dynamic Google Guide pages were “frozen in time,” although we made minor updates early in 2022. Now our server is never overloaded.

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This page was last modified on: Saturday January 15, 2022

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