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This category helps you get the most out of Google Guide by telling you what’s here, suggesting where you might want to start, and showing you some “hidden corners” that you might not discover on your own.

Google Guide: Overview

Welcome to Google Guide, an online interactive tutorial and reference for experienced users, novices, and anyone in between. This page will help you find your way around Google Guide.
Google Guide started as a standard website; the About page tells more. Early in 2007, Google Guide became a blog. The setup is:

Tutorials are divided into Categories. […]

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This page was last modified on: Thursday January 25, 2007

Start Immediately for Experienced Users

If you’re an experienced user, start with one of the following links. These pages may appear to describe basic concepts, but if you read carefully, you’ll discover helpful insights into how Google works and how to use it more effectively.
Favorite Features
Part I: Query Input:

Interpreting Your Query
Crafting Your Query
Google’s Advanced Search Form
Using Search Operators

Part II: Understanding […]

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