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Making Google Easier with Google Tools

You can use Google even when the www.google.com page isn’t currently in your browser. It’s simple to do with the following tools and features.

Google Toolbar, Googlebar, or Apple’s Safari web browser
Browser Buttons
Built-in Browser Support
Setting Google as your home page
Setting Google as your default search engine

1. Toolbar
(Well worth installing if you use Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP with Internet Explorer […]

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This page was last modified on: Monday August 11, 2008

Cached Pages

Google takes a snapshot of each page it examines and caches (stores) that version as a back-up. The cached version is what Google uses to judge if a page is a good match for your query.
Practically every search result includes a Cached link. Clicking on that link takes you to the Google cached version of […]

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Favorite Tools

Note: Nancy uses this page for presentations on her favorite Google features. You can find more information about these features in other sections of Google Guide.

Enter a query even if Google’s home page isn’t in your browser.
Toolbar - toolbar.google.com/ (Internet Explorer)

Firefox Toolbar - toolbar.google.com/firefox/ (Firefox)

Googlebar - googlebar.mozdev.org/ (Mozilla and Netscape)

Safari web browser (Macintosh OS X)
My favorite Toolbar features include

What it can do

Search Box
Access Google’s search technology from your browser toolbar.

Highlight terms on the current page.

Pop-up Blocker
Stop annoying […]

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