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Linking to Search Results

If you know HTML, it’s relatively easy to make links to Google’s search results. Following each link in the examples below is the code that produces it.
See search results in the same browser window
[ Google tutorial create link ]
is generated from
[&nbsp;<a href=”https://www.google.com/search?q=Google+tutorial+create+link”>Google tutorial create link</a>&nbsp;]
See search results in a new window
Open a new window containing the search […]

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This page was last modified on: Tuesday March 13, 2007


In February of 2003, Google engineer Naga Sridhar got tired of regularly visiting Google News to check for developments in the imminent US war with Iraq. So he put together an application that would email him when a news story broke that matched a specified query. Naga demonstrated his prototype to co-founder Sergey Brin, who […]

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This page was last modified on: Tuesday March 13, 2007

Results Page

The results page is filled with information and links, most of which relate to your query.

Google Logo: Click on the Google logo to go to Google’s home page.

Statistics Bar: Describes your search, includes the number of results on the current results page and an estimate of the total number of results, as well as […]

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How Google Works

If you aren’t interested in learning how Google creates the index and the database of documents that it accesses when processing a query, skip this description. I adapted the following overview from Chris Sherman and Gary Price’s wonderful description of How Search Engines Work in Chapter 2 of The Invisible Web (CyberAge Books, 2001).

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This page was last modified on: Friday February 2, 2007

Anatomy of a Web Address

If you already know how to read a web address or URL (Universal Resource Locator, pronounced “you are ell”), skip this section. Otherwise, consider the web address https://www.googleguide.com/searchEngines/google/searchLeader.html. Here’s what it all means:

transfer protocol (type of information being transferred)

website name, host name

second-level domain name

top-level domain name

directory name (major category)

sub-directory name (sub-category)

file name (a file within the directory)

file format

Here’s a list […]

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Advanced Search Form

When you don’t find what you’re seeking, consider specifying more precisely what you want by using Google’s Advanced Search feature. Don’t be frightened by the name “Advanced Search”; it’s easy to use, and it allows you to select or exclude pages with more precision than Google’s standard search box. Click on the Advanced Search link […]

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