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These pages summarize Google Guide, list other resources, and contain information that doesn’t fit neatly into other Google Guide categories.

Appendix Intro

You’ve reached the end of the tutorial. The following sections contain additional information that you may find useful.

Useful Links
Search Leader: Why Google is Popular

The remainder of this appendix is filled with compliments and appreciative remarks, how to submit feedback, linking instructions, licensing information, and acknowledgments.

What Users Think About Google Guide
Google Guide in the Press
Submitting Feedback
Link […]

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Quick Tips

 Selecting Search Terms

Use words likely to appear on the pages you want. Avoid using a question as a query. For example, the query, [ where do I apply for a passport in New Zealand ], instructs Google to find pages containing all the terms. Such a query won’t necessarily find pages answering your question. A better query […]

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Google strives to make it easy to quickly find whatever you’re seeking, whether it’s a web page, a recent news story, a photograph, advice, or a present for a friend. Google Guide’s Cheat Sheet (www.googleguide.com/cheatsheet.html), Google Guide’s Advanced Operator Quick Reference (www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html) Google Guide’s Calculator Cheatsheet (www.googleguide.com/help/calculator.html) and Sacramento State’s Google QuikRef (available from www.csus.edu/uccs/documents/quikrefsite/PDFs/googleqr.pdf […]

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Useful Links

If the following topics are of interest to you, check out the following links:

Why is Google Popular? - www.googleguide.com/searchLeader.html
Google’s Online Help

Google Help Central - www.google.com/support
Google Site Map - www.google.com/sitemap.html
Google’s History - www.google.com/corporate/history.html
Google Privacy Policy - www.google.com/privacy.html
Google Friends Newsletter - www.google.com/contact/newsletter.html
Google Mobile (Wireless Services) - www.google.com/mobile/

Other Google Help

Google search guide in Chinese by zzllrr - sites.google.com/site/zzllrr/google-search-tips

Information […]

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Why is Google Popular?

This page describes:

What makes Google great


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GoogleGuide … is the most comprehensive, well-organized, and useful search tutorial I’ve been able to find.


–Justin Keller, Marketing + Consumer Acquisition Manager, ChaCha.com, July 18, 2007



This site, which I found by accident, is wonderful. Thank you for creating it. I will be referring my students to your site as a resource to supplement our classroom […]

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Google Guide in the Press

WebTalkGuys Radio Show, March 20, 2004
Google 101: How to search more effectively on the popular Website A conversation with Nancy Blachman, co-author of “How to Do Everything with Google.”
By Dana Greenlee, co-host WebTalk Radio 3/20/04
WebTalk Radio, March 20, 2004, 11 am PST
Interview with Nancy Blachman on her favorite Google features (in Archives area, search for: […]

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Submitting Feedback

We sincerely hope that Google Guide helps you become (more) proficient in using Google. Google has changed considerably since Google Guide was last revised, and we aren't able to keep up with the changes. However, if you find problems in Google Guide such as a 404 (page not found) error, missing chunks of content or content that […]

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Creative Commons License

Google Guide is licensed under a Creative Commons License. For more information about using and copying Google Guide, please see the Google Guide Creative Commons License page.
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First, I offer thanks to Jerry Peek for suggesting that I write a book about how to search with Google.
I revised this tutorial incorporating the valuable comments and suggestions from many people to whom I am grateful. They include: Rod Adams, Amit Agarwal, Abass Ahmady, Marian Bach, Joe Barker, Penny Barsimantov, Adam Baxter, […]

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Translation Advice

The following advice is from Erik Hoy who translated Google Guide into Danish, bibliotek.kk.dk/soeg_bestil_forny/googleguide.

Before translating anything, read Google Guide as if you were a novice.
Check all the examples on your local version of Google. Some features work only on the US version and other features work differently from the US version. For example, queries with […]

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For the Press

You can find the history of Google Guide and information about Nancy Blachman, the author, on www.googleguide.com/about/#history.
Need a photo or graphic for a news story, link, or ad? I’m pleased to offer several images. If you prefer a different format or size, please use our contact form.

Nancy Blachman with Google Guide

Nancy Blachman, Developer and author […]

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Where and When Nancy Blachman will be Speaking

Below are the dates and locations where Nancy Blachman will be speaking followed by descriptions of her talks.
My Favorite Google Features
Date: Monday July 14, 2008
Time: 7:30 pm
Group: Princeton PC Users Group
Location: Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville, NJ
Website: www.ppcug-nj.org
Program Co-ordinator: Arnold Rosner <arnold_strand at yahoo dot com>
Power Googling: Getting What you Want from Google
Date: Wednesday July 16, […]

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Creative Commons

By Nancy Blachman and Jerry Peek who aren't Google employees. For permission to copy & create derivative works, visit Google Guide's Creative Commons License webpage.