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11. Alerts

Once you’ve refined your Advanced Search, you can watch for changes in the top 20 results by setting up Google Alerts. Google will find and deliver links to new web pages once a week, once a day, or as soon as Google finds them. Simply copy and paste your advanced search query into the search box on the Google Alerts page.

12. Google Ultimate Interface

The Google Ultimate Interface has been updated.

If you want to specify what you’re looking for with more precision than Google’s Advanced Search form offers, try the Google Ultimate Interface, a third-party application available at www.faganfinder.com/google.html. With the Ultimate Interface you can:

  • Search with any of Google’s search engines, i.e., Web Search or some of the tools in the Part named Services.
  • Find pages that have been updated between any two specific dates
  • Select letters with practically every different kind of diacritical marking, such as umlauts or accent marks, from the keyboard near the bottom of the page.

Screen shot of the Google Ultimate Interface

Michael Fagan developed Google Ultimate Interface when he was a teenager.

13. Soople

As of 2022, Soople doesn't exist, and the website may be dangerous.

If you’re not sure of all the types of information that you can search for with Google, check out Soople, www.soople.com/soople_int.php.

Screen shot of Soople, which shows many of the different types of searches Google supports

I describe many of the capabilities included in Soople in the Parts Understanding Results and Search Tools.

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