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Google Product Search: Find Items for Sale

Google Product Search is now called Google Shopping. This page hasn't been updated.

Google Product Search (formerly called Froogle) is a searchable and browsable shopping index tuned to finding products for sale online. Click on the Shopping link at the top left corner of Google’s window:

Google main menu

or visit www.google.com/products. Search results include price, brand, description, and, if available, a photograph. Note that unlike other online shopping services, Product Search doesn’t actually sell things.

Product Search obtains listings for products from vendors and by scouring the web. When Google finds a page that appears to sell something, it feeds the information it collects to Froogle. Vendors don’t pay to have their products included in Froogle’s search results. However, they can purchase sponsored links, which appear along the right side of the Product Search results pages.

Product Search Home Page: Find products for sale from across the web.

You can browse products by clicking on a category or you can search by entering your query in the Product Search search box. Interested in buying a watch for a child? Look in Product Search for [ watches children ].

Screen shot of Google Product Search results for [ watches children ]

The results included several different meanings of the word “watch”, pages selling children’s jewelry and an LP record. Study results to get ideas for more effective search terms. Consider searching for specific brands.

Near the top is a drop-down box that lets you sort the results by relevance, by price, by reputation of seller, and more. You can also click “Show grid view” to see the results in a more compact format:

Google Product Search results for [ watches children ] using grid view

Search for specific types of watches — for instance, [ watches children timex ].

Google Product Search results for [ watches children timex ]

or [ watches children teacher ]:

Google Product Search results for [ watches children teacher ]

Product Search also shows a link with the seller’s name (in the previous example, both watches came from Amazon.com) and, if available, the average seller’s rating that other Google Product Search users gave the seller. Click on the rating to read detailed reviews and ratings of this seller.

Want products with prices in a specified range or more control over your search? Fill in the Advanced Product Search form. Access the form by clicking on its link to the right side of the search box on a Product Search page or visiting www.google.com/advanced_product_search.

Google Advanced Product Search form

For more information on Product Search click the “Help” link near the bottom of Product Search pages or visit Google Shopping Help.


These problems give you practice with shopping on Google Product Searche. For hints and answers to selected problems, see the Solutions page.

  1. Find 100% cotton comforter covers with Product Search.
  2. Find unbreakable 8 oz. drinking glasses in the price range $10 - $30.
  3. Tired of putting on sun screen? Find sun-protective clothing with Product Search.
  4. Find heated toilet seats with Product Search.

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