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Special Searches

These special searches are no longer supported.

Looking for an easier way to find information on a specific topic or at a specific website?

Google provides the following specialized search engines:

Search for Mac & Apple things

Apple Macintosh - www.google.com/mac

Search for Mac & Apple things

Search for the BSD operating systems

BSD - www.google.com/bsd

Search for the BSD operating systems

Search for the Linux operating system

Linux - www.google.com/linux

Search for the Linux operating system

Search Microsoft-related pages

Microsoft - www.google.com/microsoft

Search Microsoft-related pages

Search .gov, .mil and state sites

U.S. Government and state governments - www.google.com/unclesam

Search .gov, .mil and state sites

University Search

Universities - www.google.com/options/universities.html

Narrow your search to a specific institution’s website

The specialized searches let you find information about a topic without getting completely unrelated results. For instance, if you want only official information from US governments about taxes, you can search all federal and state government websites from this one search box.

Why these topics? Early on in Google history, some engineers created these specialized search engines to serve their own interests. They’ve remained part of the site though Google has turned its attention to other types of search services and features.

You can find links to these specialized search engines, as well as Google Book Search and Google Scholar, on the Advanced Web Search form.


This problem set gives you practice in using Google’s specialized search engines.

  1. What was special about the Apple Lisa computer, and why did it fail?
  2. What are the advantages of Linux over Windows and vice versa?

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