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Diacritic Marks and Accents

Note: Nancy uses this page for presentations on her favorite Google features. You can find more information about these features in other sections of Google Guide.

How can you search for a term that might include one or more diacritics, marks, such as the umlaut (ö) in Gödel or the acute accent of resumé?

Note: For queries with diacritics, results vary depending on the language to which you are confining your search.

Note: On the English-language version of Google, a term with an accent doesn’t match a term without an accent and vice versa.

“école française” ] matches “école française” but not “ecole francaise”
“ecole francaise” ] matches “ecole francaise”  but not “école française”

Search for pages with these different spellings.

“école française” ]
“ecole francaise” ]

Or combine these queries into a single one.

“école française” OR “ecole Francaise” ]

If your keyboard doesn’t have a particular character, check out the Google Ultimate Interface, which provides over two dozen diacritical markings.

Search for different methods with [ typing international accent marks and diacritics ].

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