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Translation and Language Tools

Note: Nancy uses this page for presentations on her favorite Google features. You can find more information about these features in other sections of Google Guide.

When Google finds a page in a language different from your language of choice, a translation link lets you get the gist of the page.

Results include a "Translate this page" link when Google finds a page in a language different from your language of choice.

Want to translate some text or a web page? Try the Translate feature available from the Language Tools link on Google’s home page.

The Language Tools link on Google's home page Google Language Translation Tool

If you want to translate some text or a page into a language other than those Google Language Translation Tool offers, check out Fagan Finder’s Translation Wizard.

From the Preferences page, specify your global preferences, including

  • Interface Language: the language in which Google will display tips, messages, and buttons for you
  • Search Language: the language of the pages Google should search for you

A screen shot showing that the Preferences link is to the right of the search box on Google's home page.

You can restrict your searches to those pages written in the languages of your choice by setting the search language.

Google Search Language Preferences

By default, Google Web search includes all pages on the Web.

If you want to restrict results to a single language for a few queries, consider using the Language Tools menu option in the Google Toolbar, the section Language of the Advanced Search page, or Language Tools.

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